Laboratory-Based Project Service

For those students who need access to a lab for their project.

  • Unlimited access to our state of the art science lab
  • One-on-one help from a professional who can assist with the project
  • Direct feedback on the project to see what is and is not working

What to Expect

Outside of the classroom, finding a place where you can perform experiments can be pretty hard to find. You could try to do things on the kitchen counter, but you might not be so happy with the consequences of an errant spill. That is why we provide a lab environment for you.

That said, this is not just a WeWork for scientists. This is a full service lab that you can use both as your workspace and your workshop. Other scientific minds will be around to help you in the case that you want some help and they can help fix whatever is ailing your experiment.

Once you are done with your physical experimentation, the job is not done. The bane of everyone’s existence is paperwork and you still need to write up the report. We will help you with the report and we can proofread it after to make sure there are no mistakes

How To Prepare

This is really dependent on what you are looking to do because you can bring whatever supplies you need to complete your experiment. We do have some supplies. You can expect a range of flasks and beakers at your disposal and we also have flames available with a gas hookup. An eyewash station in the corner is an essential as well.

Where We’ll Take You

When you come into our lab with a hypothesis, we will help make sure that you design an experiment to test it that is replicable and simple to perform. After you are done, you can walk away with a completed lab report and the confidence to do it yourself next time.

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